Things I Like


Rockstar Finance: a website with LOTS of personal finance information, including a directory of personal finance bloggers. You can search by category, age, and even, for some, net worth. The personal finance blogger community is an incredibly friendly and helpful bunch of people.

Make Smarter Decisions:  I met Vicki from when she was in the area to attend PopUp Business School. Vicki is an awesome person and her encouragement helped me to just get startedwith my own website. She writes about personal finance and also offers decision coaching. If you need help making a significant decision in your life, visit her contact me page.

Unsplash: I really enjoy my photography hobby and will use my own images whenever I feel like it. However, there are some incredibly talented photographers willing to share their beautiful images for free and I will give them credit when I use their work.

Checklists and Spreadsheets

Click Charitable Donation Tracking Spreadsheet to access the interactive spreadsheet I created for your use. You will enter your annual household income and try out different percentages to determine your annual charitable giving goal. The spreadsheet will break it down to a monthly goal. Once you enter your donations, you’ll see a running tally of year-to-date giving and the remaining amount needed to meet your goal.


Because as a working parent, I, for one, appreciate new ideas to add variety to my family’s menu rotation.

This exact planner

This reversible tote bag

Coming Soon….More Things I Like


Your Best Year Ever by Michael Hyatt (Thank You! if you purchase through this Amazon affiliate link by clicking the image of the book below). So far I am reading about limited beliefs and how we limit ourselves. It’s very good! Check it out from your public library or order it through this link. Either way, let me know how you like it.



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