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Hi! I’m Carol. Thank you for visiting my website, where we can converse about downsizing your work year to fit in more of life! I value family, my faith, and hard work. I’m guessing you do too!

However, careers meant to provide fulfillment and financial well-being to adults can place demands and stress on a family, particularly if both parents work full-time. For others, a full-time career may conflict with or be stressed by the need to be a caregiver to aging parents, the desire to further one’s education, or one’s own health issues.

My Little Corner on the Internet

At this website, you will find articles extolling the benefits of part-time work as well as, I hope, a safe place to discuss the challenges that may accompany a downsized work schedule.

You will find foundational personal finance wisdom such as spend less than you make and save for your future sprinkled with wisdom from my faith, such as give so that others might be blessed and be a good steward of what God has given you.

You will find tools and links to resources to things that I hope will help you design the life you want.

A Little About Me

To the internet I bring the voice of a 50-something-year old woman who is a devoted wife and mother. Before getting married and having kids, though, I earned an engineering degree. For nearly 30 years, I’ve sought the optimal balance of family, work, and life.

For me, that has meant working part-time rather than full-time since giving birth to the first of my two biological children. I did get to be a stay-at-home mom for a few years, too, and loved it, and found there can definitely be challenges when you re-enter the workforce after time at home with the kids.

Because we live within our means and value living the life we want, my husband and I have embraced opportunities beyond the typical work and school routines of each calendar year. Thus, I also bring the voice of a woman who has provided foster care to young children and adopted one of them. I bring the voice of a wife who has gone on a few short-term mission trips because my husband pointed out that we were getting too comfortable in our American life and needed to step outside of our comfort zones. And he was right!

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Enough about me….send me a message so I can get to know a bit of your story. Are you interested in downsizing your work year or have you already?

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